About Us

Ulysses Commodities, founded 2012, is a leading global brokerage firm specializing in energy derivatives. With offices in Chicago and Houston we have accumulated years of experience in various seats in the industry.

Ulysses offers clients the benefits of over-the-counter (OTC) trading without the need to negotiate separate ISDAs with each counterparty. All trades are cleared, virtually eliminating counterparty risk while enjoying complete anonymity. Clients enjoy greater liquidity, faster order fills because they are not conflicted by market-making activity or proprietary position taking.

Ulysses is solely focused on institutional trading, Eligible Counterparty Participants, or ECP's (as per CEA 1a (18)).

Meet The Team

Alex Vugman Director of Compliance
Alex Vugman is a 20 year industry veteran. Having started as a market maker in Coffee, Cocoa and Sugar Options Pit, and then in the Nymex Oil and Natural Gas Pits as a Broker. Founded Ulysses after graduating from Fort Schuyler (SUNY MARITIME) in 2012. An avid film buff, Alex is married and father of two.
Rob Fox
Rob Fox has 15 years of experience brokering commodities OTC. Although he's always specialized in energy futures and options, he has brokered products across the commodities spectrum. A native of the NY metropolitan area, Rob was the Ulysses NYC branch manager before moving to Houston in 2018. Prior to his career in commodities Rob had a long career in advertising, publishing, events, sports and entertainment. On weekends he runs the Odyssey Lacrosse League, the preeminent men's lacrosse league in Texas, hosted weekly at Aveva Stadium. He plays midfield for the Saint Arnold Lacrosse Club. The Ulysses Cup, the most coveted trophy in all sport, is awarded to the league champions each year.
Tom Padron
Tom Padron has over 25 years experience in energy derivatives. He started his career on the NYMEX trading floor and worked for Goldman Sachs, J. Aron and Co, and Cargill Investor Services. He later joined Prebon Yamane as head of its OTC Natural Gas Options desk, Weather Derivatives desk and helped develop a natural gas brokerage team in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Before joining Ulysses, Tom was head of EDF Man's Houston energy office. Tom is an accomplished cook, trained at The French Culinary Institute and loves to travel. He resides in Houston, TX.
Bryant Sze
Bryant is a partner of Ulysses Commodities and manages the Chicago office. Prior to joining Ulysses, Bryant spent ten years trading energy derivatives across the barrel at an oil major. His experience in trade execution, market making, and the fundamentals of energy trading have been pivotal to building Ulysses Commodities. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois, with a degree in finance.
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